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SapientX is a fast-growing conversational A.I. company that licenses software to companies that want to add a voice and intelligence to their products. Our goal is to have our technology communicate with us as if we were talking to our best friend.





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“I’ve been working on AI projects and creating prize-winning chatbots for decades, to make solutions to problems like these,” says Wilcox. “I knew we could do better.” 

 SapientX Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Bruce Wilcox

SapientX lets your technology talk to you… like you were talking to your best friend,” said David Colleen, CEO and Co-founder.  “This is a game changer in the conversational A.I. space.”




Can I invest if I live outside the United States?
Yes, you can invest from anywhere.

Who can invest?
Everyone that is an accredited investor.

Where is SapientX based?
Santa Cruz, California, right next to Silicon Valley

Who are the founders of SapientX?
David Colleen, Media Executive for 35+ years
Bruce Wilcox, A.I. Scientist for 40+ years
        Maclen Marvit, CTO for 25+ years


 Where can I find their work?

SapientX is currently working with their first customers to develop a new generation of products with SapientX inside. Until then, you can see examples of SapientX software on their website and on YouTube.


Do you have prior investment?
The SapientX IP is based on $6+ mil. of government and private R&D funding.  


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