Our Mission: Enabling New Voice First Products

As A.I. technologists, we were excited when Siri and then Alexa first came out. Excited… but also disappointed that they failed to do the things that we really wanted such as remembering our names and preferences, being able to converse with us without learning commands,  understanding context, emotion and complex statements.

We began to compare notes with our friends who build cars, robots and TV’s and found that they wanted to add conversational abilities to their own products but they were afraid that the tech giants wouldn’t listen to their needs, that they would impose their brands on them and that they  would have an insatiable appetite for devouring sensitive user data to feed their ad networks.  These were no go’s for them.

It was then that we realized that we could offer our friends an alternative A.I. product that delivered exactly what they needed. And so, SapientX was born. We assembled a team of passionate A.I. scientists, software developers and world class animators to build software to help make our customers products come alive. This includes a range of new products for companies such as Mitsubishi, Future Robot and Samsung. Our team is committed to the notion that you should be able to just talk to your technology products as if you were talking with your best friend.

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