Conversational AI

Add a voice and intelligence to your product with SapientX™ A.I. software allowing you to own your customer and brand experience… with support for 40 languages!



White-Label A.I. Assistant Software

Let your customers interact and converse naturally with your product without having to learn commands. It’s all about your brand and wake word… not ours. Enjoy up to 99% accuracy running on all major devices and operating systems… online or off.


MITSUBISHI Mia AI Powered Prototype Assistant for Cars


TELECASTER Tele Assistant Running in Zoom, WebEx and Others


HEALTHY assistant to help health and medical teams.


SINGAPORE AIRLINES Prototype with Kira Character


KTM Kati Assistant Prototype for Motorcycles  

Why SapientX?

The first generation of Voice Assistants have introduced the world to talking products. Unfortunately, there is a lot they don’t understand. They force users to learn commands. They require an internet connection and collect mountains of sensitive user data. SapientX has a better way.

More Accurate

We understand conversational speech with up to 99% accuracy.

White Label

We are customer focused – own your user experience and your brand.

Works Offline

We run on or offline and we keep sensitive user data safe.


We use 2% of the CPU on Android phones + a client as small as 17 mb.

SapientX Technology

SapientX began with the notion that you should be able to speak conversationally to your technology without having to use commands.  Our AI technology can understand context, emotion, complex sentences and learn all about a users preferences to better serve them. SapientX was founded in 2016 but our technology has been developed over sixteen years with millions in private and government R&D funding. Our technology uses symbolic language processing based in pattern and concept matching techniques. This technology has been used by our Co-Founder, Bruce Wilcox, to win the Loebner Prize Turing Test four times.

Speech Recognition (ASR)


Natural Language Understanding (NLU)


Speech Synthesis (TTS)


Smart Avatars


People Are Saying Nice Things About Us

This will be the company that delivers on the promise of conversational AI…one of the game changing technologies in the automotive market over the next 10 years.
Upton Bowden

Advanced Technology Director, Visteon Corporation

The SapientX team worked hard to make sure we had a working prototype in our first year of development. We look forward to continuing to develop Mia with them.
Shingo Irikata,

Manager, Advanced Vehicle Development Dept., Mitsubishi Motors

I have known David for over 20 years and during that time he has been a tireless, passionate, and innovative serial entrepreneur. He is a natural leader and has experience growing companies, inspiring people, and building great products. His current focus is around conversational AI, which I believe will become the next major human- computer interface as speech-enabled technologies grow around us. I also believe that David’s tenacity and experience will make a significant impact on this field.

Martin Reddy

Engineering Manager, Apple Computers (not Apple endorsed)

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